"My Effin backpack is the best backpack I have had. My bag is typically stuffed full of stuff that is way to heavy for most bags.  The tend to rip the carrying straps through pretty quickly. And, at trade shows, I typically have to 'take a break' for my shoulder and back to make it through the day. However, I realized that after a 4 day all-day trade show, I hadn't needed to give my should or back a break even once. And, the bag has shown zero fatigue so far. I love the profile of the bag, no challenges sliding it under the airline seat. The non-black inside liner really makes finding items easier. Plenty of pockets, plenty of room. There is even a little subpocket that is perfect to hold my iPad mini. Typically, it floats around the larger pockets/sleeves, and I always have to fish for it, and expect it will get broken at some point...  But, not anymore.  

I am platinum on American again this year, and the quality and functionality of my backpack really matters.  

Best backpack for heavy loaders and/or travelers, period.

This will be a gift for some high school graduates going off to university this year...

I need to try the World Tour bag next..."

- BK, Ohio

"That is the best laptop bag I've ever had. My laptop, lunch box, blue tooth, wires, water bottle, and tablet all fit in this bag with room to spare which makes the commute to my office easy."

- Ben Y, PA

"This is a top notch product! Can't wait to take my bags on my next trip! Effin awesome!"

- Mark M, PA