Effin Suprimo Backpack

Effin Suprimo Backpack


Office. Gym. Travel.  3 Places – 1 Bag

The Effin Suprimo computer backpack is designed with convenience and ease of travel in mind.  You are always on the run: from the gym to the office to the airport… so why not have a one bag that can go all of these places with you? The Suprimo Backpack safely stores your electronics for work, your exercise clothes for the gym and 2-3 days clothing for travel.  The “Central Cell Access” provides quick and easy ingress directly into the main packing compartment.  Accessory pockets are relocated to the sides to store whatever it is you need to get it done.  Made from ballistic nylon, the Effin Suprimo backpack is lightweight and durable. 

Central Cell Access

The large centrally located zipper offers you direct access into the large main packing cell of the bag providing quick ingress for your larger items.

Ventilated Laundry Locker  

The ventilated laundry locker allows you to segment your dirty laundry or shoes from the rest of your belongings.  Large enough to handle shoes up to a men’s size 14.  

Mobile Office

The separate rear packing cell accommodates your laptop [up to a 15”] and your tablet and still allows room for files, cables and other business accessories.


Double stacked quick-access pockets on each side of the bag allow you to carry any accessory you need for the office, the gym or travel.  Most traditional backpacks have these pockets on the front of the bag which is cumbersome and inefficient.

Lumbar Support / Handle Sleeve

The Air Mesh lumbar support pad doubles as a handle sleeve to add your pack over the rigid handle of your rollaboard luggage.

Brilliant Blue Interior

All Effin bags come with our Brilliant Blue interior material.  This lighter color allows you to see what’s in your bag [and what isn’t!] with a quick glance.

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  • High-density ballistic nylon for unparalleled durability

  • Laser-cut construction offers precision sizing and corners

  • Oversewn and wrapped seams to ensure strength

  • Center zip direct-access to the main packing cell for instant access

  • SmartErgo™ space design for even weight distribution

  • Yoke top handle integrated into shoulder straps for strength and comfort

  • Separate laptop & tablet sleeves to accommodate electronic transport

  • ElephantEar™ storage - double-stacked accessory storage pockets on each of the bag’s sides

  • Separate business & travel compartments

  • Vented laundry locker for dirty clothing or shoes

  • Air Mesh wicking shoulder straps cushioning for wear comfort

  • Lumbar support with built-in handle sleeve to attach to your rigid handle luggage

  • Dual water bottle mesh pockets to keep hydrated

  • Under-seat size on most airline seating

  • 15.5” x 8.0” x 20.5” / 1.5 lbs.

  • Designed in USA / Produced for the World