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Bags for Tech / Travel / Gym

Simply the Best Effin Bags in the World!

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Bold and durable

Every Effin Bag is designed with practical function and comfort in mind. Our high-density ballistic nylon withstands the daily grind, and SmartErgo™ technology provides even weight distribution when you're on the move.


World Tour Travel Bag


Designed for your dynamic lifestyle

Go from the office, to the gym and to the airport with 1 bag. The World Tour Travel Bag safely stores your electronics, active wear and 4-5 days worth of clothing for travel while meeting domestic airline carry-on limits.

Suprimo Professional Backpack


Lightweight and efficient storage

The Suprimo Professional Backpack features a vertically-zipped central compartment in addition to ElephantEars™ stacked side pockets for direct access to all of your belongings, no matter how big or small.

The Effin Story




“This is a top notch product! Can't wait to take my bags on my next trip! Effin awesome!"

  • Mark M, PA


"That is the best laptop bag I've ever had. My laptop, lunch box, blue tooth, wires, water bottle and tablet all fit in this bag with room to spare which makes the commute to my office easy."

  • Ben Y, PA


"Best backpack for heavy loaders and/or travelers, period. I need to try the World Tour bag next..."

  • BK, Ohio


"Whenever people see it they ask me what it means. I always get a laugh!"

  • Greg, Austin